A Lap Around Windows 8 Development for HTML Developers


During the  Developer Movement Web Camp I presented on Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript and as a deeper dive, I also presented Lap Around HTML Development for Windows 8 where I covered the features of WinJS and some of the WinJS Controls in more details. Here is a list of some of the topics covered:

  1.  WinJS Promises
  2. WinJS Animation Library
  3. Camera Capture in Windows 8
  4. Windows.Devices.Sensors
  5. MSPointer in WinJS
  6. WinJS Tiles & Notifications
  7. Windows Push Notification Service
  8. WinJS Contracts

A lot of the demos where off the MSDN sample site and listed here for easy download

  1. Demo 1,6,8,9 – Contoso Cookbook
  2. Demo 2 – Controls
    1. HTML Essential Controls
    2. ListView Essential Samples
  3. Demo 3 – Animation Library Sample
  4. Demo 4
    1. Camera Capture UI Sample
    2. Media Capture Sample
  5. Demo 5 – Canvas Paint Sample
  6. Demo 7 – App Tiles & Badges Sample

Throughout some of the demos, I showed the Contoso Cookbook.  The original download for Contoso Cookbook which goes through a lot of concepts is available in the Windows 8 Camp in a Box.

Here is the video which is hosted on the Channel 9 site and be sure to check out all the other Developer Movement Web Camp presentations.

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