AGO, Windows Mobile and Ignite IT Awards

I recently completed a project with Art Gallery of Ontario were we used a Windows Mobile device to play media related to a work of art.  The Windows Mobile device was encased in a plastic enclosure and mounted on the wall so the users would only have access to the touch screen and the application was set to run in ‘Kiosk mode’.  We are putting together a case study on the solution delivered and will post the link on my blog once it’s up if you are interested in more details.

Reason for this post?  Well, I submitted the solution to the Ignite IT Canada awards being held by Microsoft Canada.  You can see a description of the solution and if you like it vote for me!

Here is an image of the software in action.



Pretty cool to see people of all ages use software you have built to learn more about the artwork in the gallery!  Remember, don’t forget to vote!

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