Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Sessions at DevTeach

DevTeach is coming to Toronto May 27-31st and I’ll be doing a couple of session on developing Windows 8 apps using HTML5 and JavaScript

Designing Windows Store HTML5/JavaScript Apps Using Blend and Visual Studio

Embrace the Windows 8 design principles by taking full advantage of the rich feature sets offered by both Blend and Visual Studio. Learn how to start from scratch and have a fully functioning (and visually appealing!) application that highlights how to work with styles, controls, data sources, layout, CSS3 transitions, web services, and many other features that help you create a better user experience with greater productivity.

JavaScript, HTML, and Windows Store Apps

In this talk we’ll cover the basics of creating a Windows Store app experience using HTML and JavaScript, including the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). Topics will include how to leverage your existing HTML and JavaScript skills, how to integrate Windows 8 personality and contracts into your app, and how Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 provides tools to make this easy and fast.

There are also a bunch of other sessions on Agile, Architecture, Mobile, Cloud Computing, SQL and other topics by some great speakers so be sure to register for DevTeach and attend!

Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript

Recently I was asked to do a webcast on Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript as part of the Developer Movement Web Camp.


Here is a list of some of the content covered:

Throughout some of the demos, I showed the Contoso Cookbook.  The original download for Contoso Cookbook which goes through a lot of concepts is available in the Windows 8 Camp in a Box.

Here is a list of the links used for some of the demos and links to source code

  1. Demo 1
    1. Windows 8 HTML5 Platform
    2. 3D Transforms
    3. CSS3 Grid Layouts
  2. Demo 2
    1. Touch Effects
    2. Touch Effects in Windows 8 Source Code
  3. Demo 3 – Contoso Cookbook
  4. Demo 4 – Windows 8 Twitter Search App
  5. Demo 5 – Animation Library Sample

Here is the video which is hosted on the Channel 9 site and be sure to check out all the other Developer Movement Web Camp presentations including my other one A Lap Around Windows 8 Development for HTML Developers.

A Lap Around Windows 8 Development for HTML Developers


During the  Developer Movement Web Camp I presented on Building Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 & JavaScript and as a deeper dive, I also presented Lap Around HTML Development for Windows 8 where I covered the features of WinJS and some of the WinJS Controls in more details. Here is a list of some of the topics covered:

  1.  WinJS Promises
  2. WinJS Animation Library
  3. Camera Capture in Windows 8
  4. Windows.Devices.Sensors
  5. MSPointer in WinJS
  6. WinJS Tiles & Notifications
  7. Windows Push Notification Service
  8. WinJS Contracts

A lot of the demos where off the MSDN sample site and listed here for easy download

  1. Demo 1,6,8,9 – Contoso Cookbook
  2. Demo 2 – Controls
    1. HTML Essential Controls
    2. ListView Essential Samples
  3. Demo 3 – Animation Library Sample
  4. Demo 4
    1. Camera Capture UI Sample
    2. Media Capture Sample
  5. Demo 5 – Canvas Paint Sample
  6. Demo 7 – App Tiles & Badges Sample

Throughout some of the demos, I showed the Contoso Cookbook.  The original download for Contoso Cookbook which goes through a lot of concepts is available in the Windows 8 Camp in a Box.

Here is the video which is hosted on the Channel 9 site and be sure to check out all the other Developer Movement Web Camp presentations.

Silicon Halton Software P2P Windows Phone Presentation Recap

Back on Feb 25 I did a presentation on Crash Course on Windows Phone Development for the Silicon Halton Software Peer 2 Peer group. The presentation was intended to be for developers never having developed for Windows Phone before.

Here are some links I shared during the presentation

  1. – your main hub for Windows Phone Development
  2. MSDN Windows Phone Code Samples – lots of samples to help you along the way
  3. Building Apps For Windows Phone 8 Jump Start
  4. Design Bootcamp

You can download Windows Phone the sample code presented and thanks to Paul Laberge  from Microsoft Canada for providing the content and samples. And thanks to HalTech for providing the space for the meet up.

Questions comments, feel free to ping me!

Toronto CodeCamp 2007 Followup

This year Toronto CodeCamp went off without a hitch.  We had about 300 people show up (out of 600 registered) so not a bad turnout considering the weather was nice and it was a Saturday.  Suprisingly I got a lot of interest in my session and was assigned the biggest room available and I would say about 60-70 people showed up.  A lot better turn out than last year were I probably got about 20-25 people!

Thanks to Chris Dufour for putting everything together and managing to get over $300,000 in prizes to give to the attendees!

As for my session here are the slide decks.

All Demo code can be downloaded here.  In this zip you will find

  • “Demo1” – Basic intro to device development and the environment
  • “CodeSharing” – Sharing business logic with the desktop and device. (For an entire 75 minute session on this instead of 15mins check out Daniel Moth’s session at this year’s MEDC.)
  • “SqlCompactEdition” – Contains a SqlDesktop and SqlDevice that both access the same Sql Server 2005 Compact Edition database file. (NOTE: the SqlDevice project references the SDF file in the BIN\Debug directory of SqlDesktop.  So run SqlDesktop first, make changes and save, then run SqlDevice to see the changes)
  • “RPMSample” – sample to show RPM and the various numbers it shows.  NOTE: If you want to have RPM working in Vista make sure you install Compact Framework SP2 on your machine (thanks to Steven Pratchner for letting me know 🙂 )  Also take a look at my previous entry on RPM and various resources.

Comments or questions?  Just contact me via my blog and thanks to all that attended code camp and my session!

Toronto Code Camp 2007

Last year’s Toronto Code Camp was a great success with over 220 attendees, 20 speakers and over $17,000 in prizes.  This year’s event is expected to be bigger and better.  There are already some great speakers lined up and some great sessions slotted.  I will also be doing a session on Windows Mobile Development using Visual Studio 2005.

OpenNETCF will also be giving away two CDs containing a full developer license of all our products available.

If you are in the Toronto area and available March 31 2007 register now and come out to the Code Camp for some great sessions!