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IE7 and VS2005

March 16, 2006 — 5 Comments

I was working on a sample application to demostrate Compact Framework 2.0 new COM Interop feature which was going to be a managed application calling a COM component.  I needed to create the COM component but when I tried to create any Smart Device C++ project I would get a “project creation failed error” and the following script error

I had no idea what this error was and I knew it worked before and this was the first time I tried to create a C++ project after I installed IE7 so that must have been the culprit. 

Not wanting to uninstall IE7 because I have gotten used to it and like it, I did a little research and thanks to Amit Chopra there is a workaround for this.

<NOTE>This involves modifying the registry so do at you own risk.</NOTE>

  1. Close VS

  2. Start RegEdit.exe

  3. Find the following registry entry:

  4. Add a new entry and name it

  5. Close RegEdit

  6. Start VS

  7. Try and create a Smart Device C++ project

Once you complete the above you will be able to see the wizard popup.   But when you are asked to selected an SDK you will notice there is nothing in the list.  There are items available you will just not see it.  Just click on the ListBox and navigate using your keyboard, you will notice the groupbox below the listbox changes.