TechDays Canada 2009 Sample Source Code

In our recent session at TechDays Canada 2009 (Taking Your Application on the Road with Windows Mobile® Software) I promised to make some links and the source code available so here it is

See my post on FITC Mobile 2009 for more links.

Here is the .NET sample source code for Windows Mobile for the demos shown.

If you have questions just ping me via my blog or twitter.

FITC Mobile 2009 – Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I did a three presentations and one workshop at FITC Mobile 2009. Unfortunately I did not get to stick around to talk to attendees or go to the second day because I had to fly out to Vancouver for a TechDays session the next day.

I did promise a link to the demo code and various other links to help attendees get up to speed on developing for Windows Mobile so here they are.

  1. Windows Mobile Consumer Solution Accelerator
  2. MSDN UI Framework
  3. Gestures API Managed Wrapper
  4. Windows Mobile Blog
  5. Windows Mobile Developer Site
  6. Porting the Amplitude application to Windows Mobile

Sample Source Code Includes:

And here is a link to the FITC Mobile 2009 Windows Mobile sample source code.

If you have questions just ping me via my blog or twitter.  Also, if you are looking at implementing a mobile solution and don’t know where to start, contact me and I’m sure RedBit can help out!

Windows Mobile Developer Camp – Toronto

The first Windows Mobile Developer Camp was held in Seattle back in August.  Yesterday at TechDays Toronto during our Taking Your Application on the Road with Windows Mobile® Software session Anthony and I announced the date for the Toronto edition of the Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Camp which is November 11 2009.  Perfect timing as it’s after the official launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 (or Windows Phone 🙂

More details to follow but be sure to join us as we will have prizes and lot’s of info on developing for WinFo. 

From Old School to New School

Came across this video somehow and shows how Naughty by Nature (a hip hop group formed in ‘89) uses Windows Mobile to stay connected to their fans and more importantly how they are taking care of business.  The comment I liked … “The Key to Success is Smart Overhead”

Just shows that Windows Mobile is not just used by ‘office workers’ or for ‘line of business apps’ but used by everyday people wanting to get things done efficiently in their personal lives and in their business lives.  With Windows Marketplace for Mobile, who knows, maybe Naughty by Nature could be one of your customers :)   

Check out the video.

FITC Mobile 2009 and RedBit Development

What is FITC Mobile 2009?  It’s a 2 day mobile developer’s conference packed with presentations, demos, and panels covering all aspects of mobile development.  The great part is, it’s not just about Windows Mobile, but about virtually all mobile platforms and will cover things such as iPhone, Flash Lite, Android, Palm, Blackberry plus various other topics.  Check out the sessions available at FITC Mobile 2009

I’ll also be there and will be doing 3 sessions and a workshop on Windows Mobile development.

So if you are near the Toronto area, be sure to check out FITC Mobile 2009!  At only $209 ($89 if you are a student) it’s a great place to learn not only about Windows Mobile development but also what options are available to you as a mobile developer.

Race To Market Challenge

With the Windows Marketplace for Mobile now accepting applications submissions, Microsoft is running a Race to Market Challenge which is a contest to be one of the first developers to get your Windows Mobile app into the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and on potentially 30million users.

Check out the official details at the Race to Market Challenge website and check out the official prizes, one of which is a Microsoft Surface computer!

Improve Your Windows Mobile User Interface

Internally at RedBit we have a set of in house libraries that we have developed to help improve the user experience for projects we deliver to customers.  But sometimes using third party controls makes sense especially when you have a schedule to keep. 

Check out the controls offered by Bee Mobile as they can help in making your .NET based Windows Mobile software look a little nicer.  Check out the progress bars they have:


Although we have ProgressBar controls with glass effects internally one control we don’t have is an iWheel type control so I decided to give it a try


I’m not a big fan of making Windows Mobile look like an iPhone but the iWheel control is functional and makes things like selecting a date a lot more convenient for the user as opposed to using the standard dateTimePicker


The RedBit team will definitely be using the iWheel on a few projects we are working on and definitely worth the  39.95 € (About $60 Canadian).

Mobile Scanning Application Framework

Back in April at the Toronto Code Camp 2009 after my Windows Mobile Developer Boot-Camp presentation I met Dan Douglas and we discussed about some Windows Mobile projects he has worked in his organization.  He recently blogged about a Mobile Scanning Framework he implemented and demonstrates one possible way to encapsulate bar code scanning input and validation of the data within a Windows Mobile application using .NET Compact Framework

Ramp Up for Windows Mobile 6

With Windows Mobile 6.5 being complete it might be time to Ramp Up on developing for Windows Mobile.  There are 7 free courses you can take:

Level 1: Mobile Development Introduction
Level 2: Device Emulators
Level 3: Mobile Windows Forms Development
Level 4: Advanced Mobile Windows Forms Development
Level 5: SQL Server CE Introduction
Level 6: Security and Deployment
Level 7: Mobile Web Development

Remember if the above is not enough, we offer Windows Mobile developer training to get your developers up and running with developing for Windows Mobile.

There is also training available on ASP.NET, Sharepoint, Visual Studio 2008 and developer basics.  Check it out and get some free training.