Coffee & Code & Windows Phone 7 Success Story

Last week we held a Coffee & Code focusing on Windows Phone 7. One of the attendees Barranger Ridler started writing an app called Phone Tree

What does Phone Tree do?  Here is a description Barranger gives

For those of you who don’t have kids, a phone tree is the scenario where when your bundle of joy is born, you phone your mother, she phones the rest of your family, who phone their friends and so on and so forth.  So my app will allow your friends and family to sign up during your 9 month wait and then when the day happens, using your WP7 phone you can kick off the whole process with a couple of clicks.

Why did he write it? He wrote it for a contest held by Twilio to build an app on Windows Phone 7 that leverages the Twilio API. Well I’m happy to say that Barranger won that contest and built the entire application in four days! He even helped debug some issues in the TwilioAPI Open Source Library along the way!


This is a great success story for coffee & code and Windows Phone 7!  Unfortunately I won’t be needing the app for that specific purpose but I can definitely see it being used in other scenarios.  Love it when developers just make things happen in such a short amount of time and love helping the developer community!

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