Deploying XAP Files to Windows Phone 7

August 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

While working on some customer projects you may want to send them some weekly builds so they can gauge the progress of the software.  The Windows Phone 7 developer tools comes with a great utility called “Application Deployment” and allows you to deploy a XAP file to either a real device or the emulator.

Your application XAP file you will find under Bin\Release or Bin\Debug directory.  The XAP file is basically a ZIP file that contains all your assemblies for your software to run.

Here are the steps to get that going

  1. Install the Windows Phone 7 Developer tools
  2. Once Installed click on the Start Menu –> All Programs –> Windows Phone Developer Toolimage
  3. Click on Application Deployment which will bring up the following
  4. Select the target (either Device or Emulator)
  5. Point to the XAP file you want to deploy
  6. Click Deploy!

Couple of Notes when using a real device:

  1. Connect it to your dev machine
  2. Make sure the Zune software detects it

For more details check out the Windows Phone 7 Application Deployment Tool documentation on MSDN.

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