Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript Sessions at DevTeach

DevTeach is coming to Toronto May 27-31st and I’ll be doing a couple of session on developing Windows 8 apps using HTML5 and JavaScript

Designing Windows Store HTML5/JavaScript Apps Using Blend and Visual Studio

Embrace the Windows 8 design principles by taking full advantage of the rich feature sets offered by both Blend and Visual Studio. Learn how to start from scratch and have a fully functioning (and visually appealing!) application that highlights how to work with styles, controls, data sources, layout, CSS3 transitions, web services, and many other features that help you create a better user experience with greater productivity.

JavaScript, HTML, and Windows Store Apps

In this talk we’ll cover the basics of creating a Windows Store app experience using HTML and JavaScript, including the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS). Topics will include how to leverage your existing HTML and JavaScript skills, how to integrate Windows 8 personality and contracts into your app, and how Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 provides tools to make this easy and fast.

There are also a bunch of other sessions on Agile, Architecture, Mobile, Cloud Computing, SQL and other topics by some great speakers so be sure to register for DevTeachΒ and attend!

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