Developing for the Third Screen – Windows Phone 7

The Toronto .NET Code Camp is coming up and I’ll be presenting my first Windows Phone 7 developer session titled Developing for the “Third Screen” – Windows Phone 7

For the longest time Microsoft has been talking about their “Three Screens and the Cloud” strategy but did not really have a compelling mobile story. With the arrival of Windows Phone 7, the third screen has arrived and with that the new Windows Phone developer story has arrived. During this session you will get a high level overview of the platform plus go into some of the new APIs available for Windows Phone 7. We will cover the new application model, themes, Windows Phone 7 specific services, sensors, Bing Maps, software keyboard, multimedia and briefly the new Design Language ‘Metro’. Come and learn how to build for the third screen, build for Windows Phone 7.


I’ll have lots of sample code and you will get up to speed on what is available on for developers on Windows Phone 7. If you have developed for previous versions of Windows Phone be sure to check out this session because all developer tools have changed.

There are some other sessions on Windows Phone 7 specifically using Bing Maps and XNA presented by Nick Landry and another on using Silverlight and Windows Phone by Mano Kulasingam.

Not interested in Windows Phone 7 (I don’t see why not!) then there are a whole host of other session covering a wide range of topics.

If you are in the Toronto area be sure to register for the event on May 1 2010.

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