Developing for Windows Mobile – Leveraging Existing .NET Code

February 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

I’ve been getting a few emails/questions on ‘Leveraging Existing .NET Code’ section of my Platform In Your Pocket session for TechDays so just wanted to share what I’ve been sharing with those emails.

First all credits go to Daniel Moth for his Sharing Assets between Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop he did back in 2006.  Daniel now works for the Parallel Computing Platform so be sure to check out his blog for tips and check out his PDC session here.

I only spent about 15mins on leveraging existing code and is only a small fraction of what Daniel covered in his session.  I always reference his blog posts when responding to emails so I’ll do the same here. His most recent post is on Sharing Assets Between the .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework has all relevant links.  There is an article in MSDN Magazine article which also goes through the concepts.

If you are a .NET developer looking at writing a Windows Mobile application make sure you leverage your existing code so you can get your product to your customers faster.

Good Luck and if you have more questions feel free to contact me!

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