Falsely Skilled Developers

Bill Ryan comments about a post on breeding falsely skilled developers.  This day and age it’s so true.  Just look at what VS.Net 2005 does for you.  I think it’s great but I also look into what it’s creating and try to understand it.  Now it’s all about “auto generated code” and “cut & paste”.  Wonder if there’s a website called cutandpastecoders.com…just did a quick whois and it’s available!! Probably get a ton of hits this day and age 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Falsely Skilled Developers”

  1. Mark – I can’t beleive someone was that whorish about cut and pasting although I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that much – there’s a lot of Cut & Paste artists out there these days – but it sure is shameful.

  2. Doubt it makes a difference.. I think mostly all coders are cut and paste or reference coders as the language we use defines how we code, so what if someone has to cut and paste a network initialization or some other peace of code, that’s not important.. I think the real coding is in the logic..

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