Follow-Up to San Diego UG Mobile Development Workshop

This past weekend I was at the San Diego .NET Users Group Mobile Developement Workshop with Nick Landry.  Thanks to Andrew Kracher and Brian Leosgen for having me out.

My first session was on .NET Compact Framework and OpenNETCF Smart Device Framework.  For those interested in the Smart Device Framework you can download the free version here and here for all the samples I presented during the session.  You can also download the presentation here.

My last session on .NET Compact Framework for the Desktop Developer I ran out of time and didn’t get to complete the demos.  If you want to go through the completed demos you can download it here.  You can also download the presentation here.  The last part of the session was on sharing code with the desktop and device.  Here are some helpfull links on that:

During my last session I went through a little on the .NET Micro Framework.  There currently isn’t much information yet but here are some links that may be of interest.

  1. – sign up to be notified about .NET Micro Framework
  2. Video on Channel9 by Donald Thompson and Colin Miller (Group Manager)
  3. FAQ in .NET Micro Framework by Chris Tacke
  4. High Level overview by Daniel Moth

If there are anymore followup questions you can contact me through this blog.

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