Improve Your Windows Mobile User Interface

Internally at RedBit we have a set of in house libraries that we have developed to help improve the user experience for projects we deliver to customers.  But sometimes using third party controls makes sense especially when you have a schedule to keep. 

Check out the controls offered by Bee Mobile as they can help in making your .NET based Windows Mobile software look a little nicer.  Check out the progress bars they have:


Although we have ProgressBar controls with glass effects internally one control we don’t have is an iWheel type control so I decided to give it a try


I’m not a big fan of making Windows Mobile look like an iPhone but the iWheel control is functional and makes things like selecting a date a lot more convenient for the user as opposed to using the standard dateTimePicker


The RedBit team will definitely be using the iWheel on a few projects we are working on and definitely worth the  39.95 € (About $60 Canadian).

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