Known SDF 2.0 Design Time Issues

Here is a list of known issues for design time controls.  If you find more please let us know.  These will all be fixed in the next Beta release


Issue 1: When a smartlist is dropped on a form the size is 0,0

Workaround: Resize the control to a appropriate size.


Issue 2: When deleting a combobox2 from a form a coredll error is thrown

Workaround: Click OK and the combobox will be deleted from the form


Issue 3: When deleting an either an inkx or voicerecorder control it looks like the Paint of the base class gets run.  It will render on the form but you can’t select, move, delete the control and there is no variable declared for it.

Workaround: After you delete the control, save the form and close the form in designer and re-open it.  The control rendering will be gone.


Issue 4: StatusBar/StatusBarPanel still needs to be ported

Workaround: Create the control manually through code.  This will be resolved in the next release.


Issue 5: ColorDialog has no design time support

Workaround: Create the control manually through code.  We are working on this issue and hoping to have a resolution by release.



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