MEDC 2007 – OpenNETCF Will Be There

Mobile Embedded Developer Conference 2007 is fast approaching and runs from April 30 to May 3.  We (Chris and I) will be doing two sessions:

Panel Discussion with .NET Compact Framework Team, OpenNETCF’s Smart Device Framework Team and Other Industry Insiders
Mark Arteaga
Do you have pressing questions about the .NET Compact Framework? Do you use OpenNETCF’s Smart Device Framework and have specific questions? Do you have general questions on Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE development? Come to this session where members of the Compact Framework Team, OpenNETCF’s Smart Device Framework team and other industry developers will be part of a panel answering questions from general coding to architecting mobile software, even covering .NET Micro Framework.

The panel will have Amit Chopra (Visual Studio for Devices), Richard Greenberg and Scott Holden (Compact Framework), Daniel Moth, Chris Tacke, Andy Wigley, Alex Yakhnin, Neil Cowburn and Peter Foot

Compact Framework Memory Management
Chris Tacke
In this session we’ll explain how the .NET Compact Framework manages memory and how memory management relates to your application. We explore the garbage collector in the .NET Compact Framework, which provides a high-speed allocation service with good use of memory and no long-term fragmentation problems. By understanding how the garbage collector works, where memory is allocated for managed objects in the system memory, and how the operating system itself handles memory, you can make informed decisions about application architecture.

If you still haven’t registered Derek Snyder (content owner for MEDC2007) has an RSVP code saving you $500 on the  registration fee (Hurry only until April 13)!  What are you waiting for go register and see you in Vegas!

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