Memory Management on Windows Mobile using .NET Compact Framework

December 10, 2008 — Leave a comment

During my Windows Mobile developer session in Calgary for TechDays Canada surprisingly a few people wanted to know more about the memory architecture of a .NET Compact Framework application.  I didn’t cover anything on that but the best reference for this if you want to learn more about it is the follow:

  1. MSDN Webcast: Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Memory Management by Chris Tacke (2006*)
  2. .NET Compact Framework Advanced Memory Management by Mike Zintel  (2004*)

These things go into a lot of the internals of the .NET Compact Framework CLR and the Windows CE memory architecture (Windows Mobile is based on Windows CE) but in my opinion are required readings if you are building Windows Mobile applications.

*Don’t worry about the years they where done as it’s still relevant when developing on Windows Mobile today.

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