More Windows Phone 7 Metro Style Icons

A few months back, the Windows Phone developer team released a set of standard icons for use in your application.  Essentially these icons can be used in the Application Bar.

This was in March 2010 but since then the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta has been released and with that the icons are now included as a drop down option in Expression Blend which makes the creating your UI a little easier.


At MIX2010, during the Windows Phone UI and Design Language session the following slide was shown which had a few extra icons.


I needed the ‘car’ icon but wanted it in vector form so I could resize nicely.  So I converted these images to Illustrator format to be more easily used. 

Seeing David Crow’s post on Open Source Icons I figured might as well release the ones I have.  One warning, I’m no expert at making these things and did use a tool to get it in vector format.

In any case, you can download the icons here.

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