My Mobile Phone (Part 2)

Well looks like my is not as ruggudized as I thought. I can make calls, hear people on the other end but…can’t speak into the phone.  Looks like the mic is dead. 🙁  At least this means I can go get a SmartPhone or a PPC Phone Edition.  The only problem with that is the cell companies here (Bell Mobility, Roger’s, Fido and Telus) carry either nothing or devices that are 2 years old!!!  If I order from the US I will have to pay import duties.  The only good thing right now is the Canadian Dollar is pretty strong so the exchange rate won’t be that bad if i buy in the US.  Why is Canada so far behind on this?!?!  There are all these cool phones and PPCs coming out all over the world except here.  I think it’s the Canadian Corporate phenomenon…they don’t want to be the first to try something new, they want proven items and don’t want to take risks.  This is one of the major reasons I went to Dallas for a contract.  I’m hoping to get more work with US or other companies in different parts of the world through my company Neoteric Software Development Company.

I anyone has any thoughts on a good device for both R&D and everyday use let me know 🙂

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