Presenting at Toronto VB User Group (March 15)

I’ll be doing a presentation on .NET Compact Framework for Desktop Developers at the Toronto Visual Basic User Group (TVBug) this Wednesday (March 15 2006).  If you’re in the Toronto area and instrested in .NET CF development come out to this session.

Here is the abstract:

Are you a desktop developers looking to extend an application to a mobile device? Have you already written an application for a mobile device and want to extend your knowledge on what else is available? Whether you have never written a mobile application using .NET Compact Framework or have already used the .NET Compact Framework, this session will give you an overview of what devices you can develop for, what’s new in .NETCF 2.0, tips and tricks for mobile development and what are the major differences from the .NET Compact Framework and the full .NET Framework.

Thanks to Daniel Moth for letting me borrow the presentation title 🙂

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