RedBit Delivers MTV News for Windows Phone 7

Today I’m happy to announce that over the past few months RedBit has been hard at work with MTV and getting MTV News ready for Windows Phone 7 North American launch.  RedBit is one of the few partners able to successfully deliver for their customers on this new and exciting platforms that is sure to gain the acceptance of the consumer smartphone market.



So what did we deliver?  We delivered an MTV News Hub which took data from all different places and put it into one hub.  Similar to the people hub or the picture hub.  MTV News audience now have the ability to connect with news hosts via twitter, get up to date news stories and even get video streamed straight to their device.

Here is a mockup of what the app would look like on Windows Phone 7 and we got almost exactly the same out put on the device.



And here is an animated GIF of the actual screen shots on the device.




As you can see, it’s almost exactly the same!  That’s the power that this phone gives you, it allows you to help customers properly represent their brands on the phone and create a fantastic experience on the phone for their users.  If you have a Windows Phone 7 device be sure to download the app, it’s free!  Soon we will have some videos showing the experience of the app on the phone, seeing pictures don’t see the entire experience of the app.


This article also appears on the RedBit Blog

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