RedBit Delivers The Globe and Mail For Windows Phone 7

It’s been a busy few months for the RedBit team but today we get to announce the work we have been doing.  In addition to MTV News another project we have been working in is The Globe and Mail for Windows Phone 7.   The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest national newspaper and have a keen interest in delivering their award winning articles digitally. 



When we first bid on the project, we came up with the following mock-up to give project sponsors and idea of what exactly is Windows Phone 7.  At the time there where no devices and no way for customers to really get an idea of what is possible.  Mock-ups truly did help the customer visualize what was possible.


WP7 Template


As we went through design iterations, we decided to use the pivot experience as this provided a cleaner and simpler user experience when using the actual hardware device.  We also found it allowed users to get to their ‘destination’ within the app faster.  Here is the final screen layout for the app.




Working on both The Globe and Mail project and the MTV News project was a great experience and being one of the first companies in Canada to help large Canadian brands get onto the phone is an even better feeling.   The app is now available in marketplace and is free! 

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