Stay Geeky, Stay Nerdy or Stay Connected – You Decide

What a title and you are probably thinking “what the hell is this about”!  First a little background. 

There is the Dos Equis brand of beer and the main “star” of the beer commercial is known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World”.  Cracks me up whenever I see these commercials. 

Now, if you follow my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you know that I write about mobile happenings primarily on Windows Mobile and lately focusing on Windows Phone 7.  Recently, I read a forum post from Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for WP7, and he ended off his post with

“Stay Nerdy My Friends.”

I’ll be doing quite a few presentations & training this year on Windows Phone 7 and instead of just having a standard “Q & A” slide that just says “Q & A” I decided to use a derivative that says

“Stay Geeky My Friends”

In an email thread with Brandon, he prefers “nerdy”.  The people I have asked are split 50/50 on “geeky” vs “nerdy”. Speaking to Anthony Bartolo (aka @WirelessLife) he said since we are in the business of keeping people connected why not use

“Stay Connected My Friends”

Here is what it would look like in a power point slide

image imageimage

So we’ll let you decide! Brandon, Anthony and I want to know what you like.  We are running a poll to decide on “Stay Nerdy My Friends”, “Stay Geeky My Friends” or “Stay Connected My Friends”.  We’ll be running it for a few days so be sure to cast your vote!

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