Summary of Windows Phone Mango Posts

mangoI’ve been spending the last few days reading and testing some of the new features in Windows Phone Mango and also writing a bunch of articles sharing some details.  Here is a summary of the articles I have written so far.  With over 1500 new APIs in Mango, I’m sure I will have some more articles so I will continue updating this list as I write more. 

  1. Windows Phone 7 And Multitasking Revisited
  2. Windows Phone Multitasking – Fast Application Switching
  3. Windows Phone Multitasking – Scheduled Notifications
  4. Windows Phone And Database Support
  5. New Windows Phone Device Status APIs
  6. Windows Phone Launchers & Choosers
  7. Augmented Reality And Windows Phone 7 Part 2

Comments or feedback on any of the articles, feel free to contact me here or via twitter @MarkArteaga!

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