Tech-Ed Developers 2008

With TechEd 2008 quickly approaching wanted to point out some sessions OpenNETCF partners (well one partner 🙂 ) will be doing related to Compact Framework and Windows Mobile

Building CustomDraw and OwnerDraw Controls Using the Microsoft .NET Compact Network (Alex Feinman)
Standard Windows controls allow a degree of customization that offers significant UI flexibility, while relying on proven and robust foundation of existing OS controls, such as TreeView, ListView. This session shows how to build such controls in managed code, using the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or newer.

Using Microsoft DirectDraw in Windows Mobile Applications (Alex Feinman)
As GAPI becomes deprecated, the recommended approach to building high-speed, device-independent Windows Mobile applications is using DirectDraw API. This session provides information on DirectDraw for mobile devices basics, as well as common problems and pitfalls associated with using it.

Hope you are able to attend!

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