TechDays 2011 & Windows Phone


TechDays is fast approaching and is next week in Toronto.  Similar to past years (2008, 2009, 2010) I’ll be presenting on Windows Phone.  This year is great because I finally think Windows Phone is in a state where consumers will finally start paying attention and the competition is actually starting to copy features in Windows Phone (who would have ever thought that!)

This year TechDays will be taking place in the following cities so make sure to register

  1. Toronto – October 25-26
  2. Vancouver – November 15-16
  3. Montreal – November 29-30

If you do register for TechDays 2011, make sure you use this promo code TDSPKR11CAN to get 50% off the conference admission!

Here is a summary of my session that I put together. I’ll be presenting the first day @ 10:30am.  I have merged things from Mix11 and tried to condense as much as I could into 75mins.

Windows Phone 7.5: An Overview and Architecture Deep Dive

Windows Phone is a different kind of phone, architected to put the focus on end users while enabling developers to build compelling, connected experiences that enhance the phone. Peer under the covers to see how the architecture evolved to deliver powerful functionality

I’ll also be hanging around all day so if you want to chat about the phone, the competition, development options or anything else, find me, I’m always willing to chat!

Hope to see you there and remember to register!

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