TechDays Canada 2008 – It’s a Wrap!

Two weeks ago in Vancouver marked the last city in a six city cross Canada developer tour.  I had the pleasure of travelling with the Canadian MSDN team across Canada since October delivering my sessions on developing for Windows Mobile under the Windows Forms track.

Overall I think it was pretty successful and after the sessions got some great feedback from attendees such as:

  • “I wish I saw your session before I developed for Windows Mobile”
  • “I’ve developed an application and you have really helped fill in some of the gaps that I was missing”
  • “I never developed for Windows Mobile but you inspired me to try it out once I get home!”

There is also a nice write up on by Warren Frey on my Platform in Your Pocket:Windows Mobile for Windows Developers

I have a few draft follow up posts on the sessions coming soon but if you need to get in contact with me email me at info [@] 

Thanks to everyone coming out to the sessions and if you have any feedback on TechDays or have ideas for next time (like an entire track dedicated to Windows Mobile development 🙂 ) make sure to let me or John Bristow (Windows Forms track lead) know!

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