The Great Canadian Apportunity

I recently blogged about Canadian developers getting paid from Marketplace as long as the IRS paperwork is filled out.  Perfect timing as Microsoft Canada is have a contest called the Great Canadian Apportunity and there are some pretty awesome prizes!

altThe prizes include Windows Phone 7 devices, Xbox Kinect prize bundles, a Dell Alienware Laptop Bundle, a 2011 Mesh Conference Pack worth $3,000 and a grand prize of $10,000

Basically all you have to do is submit an app idea (and you can submit multiple app ideas) or if you already have a live app you can submit that also.  The great thing is if you have an app idea that you want to keep private, you can mark the idea as private so your competition won’t go out and build it.


With $10,000 up for grabs and some other awesome prizes why not submit a few ideas and develop them!!  So be sure to join the competition now!

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