Toronto CodeCamp 2007 Followup

April 7, 2007 — Leave a comment

This year Toronto CodeCamp went off without a hitch.  We had about 300 people show up (out of 600 registered) so not a bad turnout considering the weather was nice and it was a Saturday.  Suprisingly I got a lot of interest in my session and was assigned the biggest room available and I would say about 60-70 people showed up.  A lot better turn out than last year were I probably got about 20-25 people!

Thanks to Chris Dufour for putting everything together and managing to get over $300,000 in prizes to give to the attendees!

As for my session here are the slide decks.

All Demo code can be downloaded here.  In this zip you will find

  • “Demo1” – Basic intro to device development and the environment
  • “CodeSharing” – Sharing business logic with the desktop and device. (For an entire 75 minute session on this instead of 15mins check out Daniel Moth’s session at this year’s MEDC.)
  • “SqlCompactEdition” – Contains a SqlDesktop and SqlDevice that both access the same Sql Server 2005 Compact Edition database file. (NOTE: the SqlDevice project references the SDF file in the BIN\Debug directory of SqlDesktop.  So run SqlDesktop first, make changes and save, then run SqlDevice to see the changes)
  • “RPMSample” – sample to show RPM and the various numbers it shows.  NOTE: If you want to have RPM working in Vista make sure you install Compact Framework SP2 on your machine (thanks to Steven Pratchner for letting me know 🙂 )  Also take a look at my previous entry on RPM and various resources.

Comments or questions?  Just contact me via my blog and thanks to all that attended code camp and my session!

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