Toronto Global Game Jam

Throughout my whole career as a developer I have always tried to participate in various events and speak at events to share the knowledge I have learned in developing software.  With the RedBit team expanding, I get introduced to new type of events and get excited to participate.


One of those events is the Global Game Jam and the specifically the Toronto Global Game Jam and the RedBit team will be participating. RedBit as a company has also decided to sponsor the Toronto Global Game Jam. At RedBit we are building some games for customers and used tried different software such Unity and MonoGame so we should be able to get something going in the 48hrs. I will be there to help encourage people to think about all platforms including Windows Phone (it outsells iPhone in 24 Countries), think about games that can go global and think about the female demographic as I think that is an area that is overlooked (45% of gamers are female according to The Entertainment Software Association)


Personally, I’ve played games my whole life and yes I did own Excite Bike. I continue to play games with my kids be it on XBox, Phones or desktops. I have also dabbled in creating games using XNA and going through the process with my son and created ‘hello world’ type games such as Tic Tac Toe and Memory Matching games.

I always get asked what tools should you use? We have used Unity3d and MonoGame with Xamarin, both are good and both allow you to go cross platform which is key in my opinion. At RedBit we are buildign using MonoGame and Xamarin as we are a Xamarin Partner and have all appropriate licenses. If you are building a game, you want to target the widest audience possible and using tools that allow you to go Mac, Windows, iOS, Windows Phone, Android is key. Marketing is also another key factor but that is another post entirely!

I’m excited to be participating in the Global Game Jam to see what comes out of it and feel privileged to be in a position where through my company I can help sponsor the event to help support the developer community.

Will you be there? Let me know as would be great to connect with you!

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