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Back in May I did a webcast with Microsoft Canada on Windows Phone 7 and what’s new for developers.  I also demoed a sample application that we where building called VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 as something that can possibly be built using the new tools.

We were a little late in delivering this as we knew there would be major breaking changes Splashgoing from the Windows Phone 7 CTP to Beta and did not want to release with that issue. 

Today I’m happy to announced we have put the finishing touches on the software and have released VanGuide for WP7!  Best part is we have open sourced the VanGuide code base to CodePlex and hope this helps some of the new comers to Windows Phone 7 get started. 

What exactly is VanGuide?  Vanguide for Windows Phone 7 allows a user to view various landmarks in and around the Vancouver area.  The user has the ability to view comments, ratings or tags to the landmark and add their own comments, ratings or tags. VanGuide for WP7 is an extension to the current version of VanGuide for web available and is based on the Open Data Application Framework which is another open source project. 

VanGuide now currently has three ways to view the data, Windows Phone 7 using Silverlight, web application using Silverlight and an iPhone application.  One of the greatest advantages to VanGuide for WP7 is we leverage the existing backend system.  No changes were required to build the Windows Phone 7 version of VanGuide similar to when we ported the EnergizeIT insurance application from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone 7.

Here are some screenshot for the application

MapDetailsSmall MapSmall ItemDetailsSmall LandmarkSelectionSmall

One issue that we encountered is with the Bing Maps control.  We are using the version that is available for Silverlight for desktop.  Issue is when you navigate to the Settings page to filter out landmarks, you can no longer pan or pinch to zoom in/out on the map.  We suspect this is a bug with the Bing Maps silverlight control being used on the phone (currently not supported).  Microsoft is going to officially support the control in a future release of the WP7 tools and we’ll address that issue when it is released.

If you download the code and leverage any parts of it or have any comments/feedback be sure to let me know via my blog or

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