WebBrowser Control Part II

As said in my previous post the SDF WebBrowser Control wraps HTMLView.dll which PocketIE uses.  On WindowsCE the SDF WebBrowser control will not browse to a http:// URLs but will work on a PocketPC.  .NET Compact Framework 2.0 has a standard WebBrowser control similar to the WebBrowser control in the Smart Device Framework. .NETCF 2.0 WebBrowser Control will work on both PocketPC and WindowsCE, but on WindowsCE you will need the Pro License and have the control as part of your OS image.

In my previous post I stated you could wrap IWebBrowser2.  Well, IWebBrowser2 is actually an interface so what you will have to wrap is shdocvw.dll.  IWebBrowser2 allows your application to create an instance of the WebBrowser control using ActiveX.  Of course this is all done in C++ using Embedded Visual C.

Sergey Bogdanov has actually done a lot of the work to get web browsing working in WindowsCE.  Download the sample project here

Here are some update links to get you started if you want some more technical information on the browser in CE. 

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