WiFi and New/Old House

Well I just moved into my new house (it’s actually 45yrs old) and of course my Wifi isn’t working in all places so now i’m hardwired and nothing else works unless i’m in my office which is in the basement.  I have a few options:

  1. Buy a signal amplifier (signal might also reach outside which will be good for the summer)

  2. Buy an 802.11g router (i think either way i will get this so it’s not really an option)

  3. Buy more access points and put them in optimal locations (i will have to run some cable for this which i don’t really want to)

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. It’s getting damn cold here in Toronto and I would rather work in my bedroom at 1am instead of in a cold basement office 🙁  I guess this is not #1 on my list, there’s still a lot of other stuff for this new/old house.

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