Windows Phone & HTML5 Sample App Summary

I recently wrote a four part article about how to build a simple count down timer app using HTML5 and Windows Phone. ┬áThe articles covered getting started with HTML5 and Windows Phone, multiple resolutions, using the WebBrowser control to ‘talk’ to web page and finally getting ready for Windows Phone Store certification.

Here is the result of the articles.


Here is a list of the articles available for easy reference

  1. XBoxReveal HTML5 Windows Phone Sample
  2. XBoxReveal HTML5 Windows Phone Sample: Multiple Resolutions
  3. XBoxReveal HTML5 Windows Phone Sample: WebBrowser Control
  4. XBoxReveal HTML5 Windows Phone Sample: Store Certification

As for the source code, if you want to run it yourself you can download the #xboxreveal source code from GitHub.

Hope it was useful and please leave comments or questions!

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